566 Indian Peafowl

0019 The Indian Peafowl (Pavo cristatus) is a large bird. The male of the species, known as a Peacock, measures 100-115 cm long from bill to tail and 195-225 cm with fully grown train. It has metallic blue crown, a fan-shaped stiff crest tipped with bluish-green webbing on the head, white stripe above the eye and a crescent shaped white patch below it, bronze-green back, blackish glossy green underside, and dark brown tail. Its “train” is made of more than 200 bluish-green feathers with an eye-spot at the end. The “train” is raised in a fan-like shape during courtship display. The female, called a Peahen, with its rufous-brown head, green edged crest, brownish upper body, dark brown breast, whitish underparts, and absence of “train” looks a drab bird comparatively. The Indian Peafowl is found throughout the Indian subcontinent as a resident breeder. It is the national bird of India.